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The project “Strengthening tourism sector enhancing business intermediary organizations capacity to assist tourism - Stre.to”, is co-financed (85%) by the EU in the framework of the “Central Asia Invest" Programme which is promoting the development of the private sector, especially of small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Central Asia. It will last until 2012 and be implemented in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in Nukus, Republic of Karakalpakstan, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in Rome, Italy; in Valencia, Spain.

The goal is to enable the Central Asia regions to develop a network of qualified, environmentally-friendly tourism SMEs focusing on the participation of women entrepreneurs.
The project activities are finalised to the start up of a qualified and environmental friendly tourist SME’s network that will be assisted, controlled and validated by CA BIOs’. The network, opened to new and existing tourist SME’s, with priority to Women Entrepreneurs, will be benefiting from a permanent assistance and coaching delivered by trained CA Chambers of Commerce staff. This process will be pursued with the contribution of knowledge, techniques and tools already experienced by the EU Chambers of Commerce partners in the project.

To foster contribution to the Programmes general objective - the promotion of the private sector -, the project strategy concentrate on the following issues levying effective impacts in the short run: 

  • tourism because of its high potential in generating income and employment;
  • women tourist SME’s as key sources of dynamism, innovation and flexibility;
  • SME’s networking as a strategic route for individual SME’s to address problems as well as to improve competitive position.

The project will contribute to the following specific objectives:

  • strengthening  economic and social relation between partners;
  • enhance capacity CA Chambers of commerce in supporting tourist Women Entrepreneur’s  (WE’s) activities;
  • promote a more competitive tourist sector;
  • promote women entrepreneurship;
  • increasing tourist  SME's employment and revenues;
  • increase tourist flow.

Final beneficiaries  of the project are:

  • the CA Chambers partners:  that will be increase capabilities and competencies to effectively support the SME’s growth and competitiveness.
  • tourist SME’s (with special reference to Women Entrepreneurs) that will be benefiting from an improved assistance delivered by Chambers of Commerce;
  • public institutions like governmental body, tourist organisations and all relevant stakeholders of the sector that will be constantly involved in project activities and  that will benefit from the improvement of the quality standard of services, making regional tourism more competitive on the global market
  • tourists that will benefit from the improvement of the tourist services offered, fulfilling their requirements


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