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Project activities are :

  • Management and coordination to ensure the quality of the project in all the different phases; making the risk assessment, defining administrative and organizational actions, making partnership responsible and involved in implementation

Project outputs:

  • Kick off meeting
  • Steering committees meetings
  • financial and audit report
  • monitoring and evaluation report


  • Exchange of experience and best practice finalized to the identification of a permanent support system and regulatory framework to be delivered by CA chambers for the creation of regional SME’s network of qualified and environmental friendly tourist SME’s, giving priority to women’s business. Participants will be partners, tourist experts, SME’s representative, stakholders. Final beneficiaries are CA partners, tourist SME’s local stakeholders, regional authorities.

Project output:  

  • two days workshops  (n. 1 in Almaty, Kazakhstan and n. 1 in Nukus Karakalpakstan) and two days joint work in each country;
  • network guidelines and regulatory framework
  • permanent assistance system organisation and contents manual


  • Study visits to EU partners finalized to gather knowledge and experience in order to disseminate good practices, develop new thinking  and influence the CA Chambers of Commerce policies and instruments to support tourist SME’, focusing on WE’s Participants and beneficiaries are CA Chambers of Commerce partners. Each European Chamber of Commerce will present to CA partners specific best practices: Retecamere will present the experience in the design and management of tourist  and SME’s web portal and on going projects on WE’s assistance; the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia will present services and institutions involved in big events management, promotion and marketing, as Turismo Valencia (in charge of the promotion of Valencia city) and the Regional Agency for Tourism; the Slovenia Chamber of Commerce will present the experience in supporting WE’s development and tourist SME’

Project output:

  • study visit (n.3 of two days each to Rome, Valencia and Ljubljana);
  • study visit report and highlights for the transfer of experience


  • Training of BIO’ s staff to enhance capacity of CA Chambers of Commerce in tools and methods to assist qualified tourist SME’s, with special focus on Women Entrepreneurs. Participants are CA Chambers. Beneficiaries are CA partners and Tourist SME’s that will enter the network.   Training will be designed primarily to empower CA personnel in easing women access to tourist business and strengthening market participation of existing business. Through a specific course programme, the CA Chambers will be trained on major issues related to business development in the tourist sector, together with quality and environmental aspects of services, like:  business plan implementation, tourist market with special reference to e marketing, quality and environmental management and labelling, human resources management, general network operational rules and validation criteria.

Project output:

  • training courses (n.2: 5 days course for approx 10 person in Kazakhstan and 3-5 person in  Karakalpakistan);
  • training material
  • training report


  • Communication and dissemination activities to promote and disseminate project objective and achievements

Project output:

  • Project Web portal: www.stretoproject.com
  • Project brochure;
  • dissemination events;
  • 1 final conference.


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